ZEXE is defined as an initiative to restore Romanian Gastronomy.

In a world where the past and present magically intertwine, Zexe stands as an open gate to a possible Romanian Gastronomic realm, a place where Romanian culinary traditions are not only preserved but also enriched with each dish served. Inspired by Zamolxis, the god of the Dacians, and by interwar Bucharest, Zexe is an invitation to join the circle of initiates in an exercise of imagination brought to reality, a collective effort to reposition Romanian gastronomy on the map of European values.

At Zexe, each dish is a declaration of love towards our heritage, an endless cycle of forgotten and rediscovered meals, of culinary traditions on the verge of re-emergence, all under the guidance of our talented chef, Amalia Stanciu. We aim to restore Romanian dishes to their splendor and deserved place in European culture, in a setting that combines elegance with the warmth of Romanian hospitality.

We invite you to be part of our story, to taste history and enjoy an authentic culinary experience, in the heart of Bucharest. At Zexe, we eat with conviction and drink with enthusiasm, celebrating together, at every meal, the beauty and richness of Romanian gastronomy. Welcome home, to Zexe!


In the heart of Zexe, where the Romanian culinary tradition is reinvented with passion and mastery, there stands a dream team, a perfect mix between talent, dedication, and love for gastronomy. Each member of our team contributes a unique chapter to the story we want to share with every customer: that of an authentic, vibrant, and flavorful Romanian gastronomy.